Filière M

We are sensitive to nature and inspired
by culture, travels, and people
who challenge conventionality.

According to your project’s scale and
needs, the studio’s professional composition
adapts. Filière M works with experts
from a wide range of disciplines to allow us
to propel your vision further.

Our convictions

We believe that businesses and mindful organisations have the power to bring positive change to the world. For his reason, Filière M gave itself the mission to accompany them through the process. For us, design is a powerful lever serving brands. Paired with a fine strategy, brands connect more easily with people and can transform the market.

Illustration inspired from the The Designful company book by Marty Neumeier

Behind Filière M

Hello! I’m Mélanie, the woman behind Filière M. I am a strategist and brand designer, fuelled by human connexions and creativity.

My career started off as an interior designer, working mainly in the restaurant and hotel areas. My sensitivity regarding images and words drove me to accomplish a degree in graphic design in Quebec and France and then deepen my knowledge in brand strategy in the United States.

My years creating as a freelancer, in an agency and within a large sports’ company allowed me to take part and elaborate concepts and strategies for multiple and various accounts. With just over 13 years in the field and my ability to bridge the gap between strategy and creation, I team up with you to help you position yourself with impact.

Awards and publications


Design at the service of brands

4 October 2018

Everyday you encounter it, both in the real and digital worlds. It plays a key role in the strategies used by the most admired businesses of this world. You may have guessed, I’m referring to design.

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